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What are Minecraft cheats? | How to use Minecraft cheats?

There is a game that still maintains its popularity even in this period: Minecraft. There are many people who play Minecraft in creative mode and enjoy playing with survival mode. In general, although we observe that the use of cheats can reduce the enjoyment of the game from time to time; In Minecraft, this situation can sometimes be reversed. For example, in some moments when we are short of resources, there may be situations where we all say “I wish I had more resources to realize what I have in mind”.

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We have explained one by one how you can apply many tricks that can help you when you are immersed in such thoughts. What cheats to use on Minecraft?

Cheats you can use in Minecraft, one of the most popular games of the last period.

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Apart from the survival mode, Minecraft has a structure where you can reveal your art with its creative mode.

But when you want to put your artistic projects into practice, the account at home may not fit the market. In such cases, you will be able to do the project in your head in a much shorter time and in a much more comfortable way by using the Minecraft cheats that we will share with you.

But remember this. To use these cheats; You need to activate the cheats first.

As for how you can activate cheats; Actually, this is really simple.

Login to Minecraft and wait on the home screen.
Press the “T” key when the login screen welcomes you.
Type “/gamemod 1” on the screen that appears (only the part in quotes will be written).

Enter the game and start using the cheat codes that we share with you that will work for you.

The mode where you can enter cheats is actually not a kind of cheat mode, but an admin mode. In order to use the admin mode, of course, you need to activate it first. After activating the admin mode, you can use the cheats you want to use in the game as you wish. But before we move on to the tricks, let’s get this point clear. Different cheats may or may not work in different versions of Minecraft.


  • Switch to creative mode: /gamemod 1
  • Switch to survival mode: /gamemod survival
  • Show cheats and help screen: /help and /help2
  • Making someone OP: /op name
  • Undo OP: /deop name
  • Ability to kick someone: /kick name
  • Ban someone: /ban name
  • Unban: /pardon name
  • Kill all mobs: /kill all mobs
  • Teleport to someone: /tp name
  • Gain XP: /XP 5000
  • Shutdown the server: /stop

Minecraft cheats work in the game environment where you enter alone, that is, as a single, not on the multiplayer server. If you have connected with your friends over LAN, you can still use Minecraft cheats. When you want to shut down the server you have installed, it will be enough to write the “/stop” command above.

Environmental change cheats:

Add 5 to the clock:                       /TIME SET
Add 5 hours to the clock:             /TIME ADD
Freeze time:                                  /gamerule doDaylightCycle false
Showers of torrential rain:            /TOGGLEDOWNFALL
Stop the rain:                                /TOGGLE DOWNFALL OFF
Adjusting the clarity of water:      /clearwater
Grow all trees and plants:            /grow
Plants instant growth:                  /instantplant
Change the weather:                   /weather (lightning, thunder, or rain)

Cheat codes that affect the environment do not create a serious change in your gaming experience. They just help you adjust the environment according to your subjective tastes. Apart from that, you can switch between day and night with just one code, or you can determine the fate of the monsters around you. In creative mode, environmental cheats are among the cheats loved by the players.

Difficulty setting:

When you want to experience different difficulty levels in the game, it is possible to choose the level you want as peaceful, easy and normal. Although this is the basic code that determines the difficulty level in the game, other cheats you will use can make the game harder or easier for you.

  • Sets the difficulty level: /difficulty (peaceful, easy, normal)

Monster cheats:

Do you want to get rid of the monsters that haunt you instantly; or go head-to-head with different monsters. In this case, you can use monster cheats. With cheat codes, you can make monsters harmless or completely exclude them from the game.

  • Killing specific monsters              /killall [monstertype]
  • Killing nearby monsters:              /killnpc [all, animal, or monster]
  • Freeze monsters:                          /freeze
  • Monsters cannot damage you:    /mobdamage
  • One-shot at monsters:                 /instantkill
  • Don’t confuse monsters:             /confuse
  • Sending the beast:                      /ride

Healing, damage and experience cheats:

In this cheat group, which forms the cornerstones of the survival mode, there are many features where you can prevent the damage you can take and develop faster. Moreover, the drop in your life points to critical levels will no longer be a problem with these cheat groups.

Add a certain amount of experience:                                                     /xp amount
Information about your character:                                                         /biome
Set incoming water damage:                                                                 /waterdamage
Set character speed:                                                                               /setspeed amount
Adding a platform below:                                                                      /platform
Longer leg:                                                                                             /longerlegs
Move to pointer:                                                                                    /jump
Flying and flying speed:                                                                         /fly speed
Commands your character to self-destruct:                                          /kill
Reduces your fall damage:                                                                    /falldamage
Reduces the damage you take from flames:                                         /firedamage
Reduces overall damage:                                                                      /damage
Restores the specified amount of health:                                             /health
You will heal by the amount you specify:                                             /heal
You are teleported to the platform above your current location:        /ascend
Turning fall damage off and on:                                                           /falldamage on/off

Item cheats:

One of the first things that come to mind when Minecraft is mentioned is item cheats. Because Minecraft means items. Since the most important elements that determine your future in the game are the items you own, we can say that these codes are among the cheat codes that will be most useful for you.

To deactivate your Minecraft cheats, all you have to do is undo the commands you typed. You can also use the same commands to go back after changing or editing a setting.

Doubling item holding:                                                    /duplicate
Items not leaving after death:                                          /keepitems and /gamerule keepInventory true
Making items indefinitely:                                                /infiniteitems
Destroy item:                                                                    /destroy
Move all items to one chest:                                            /dropstore
Dismantle things:                                                             /superheat
Give item:                                                                         /give itemcode itemsnumber
Don’t give items to someone else:                                  /give playername itemcode item_num
Delete item:                                                                     /clear name item_code


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