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The Sims 4 cheats: all the life hacks you need | PC Gamer

Seeking some Sims 4 cheats to make your Sims’ dreams manifest in their newly free-to-play reality? Few pairing go better than the Sims and a cheat list, and whether you just need some spare cash, a freebie home, or you want to resurrect a family member who died before their time—cheats have your back. With the power of cheats you can bypass everyday problems like money or mortality and turn your gaze to messing around and having fun. Or wreaking havoc. Your call, really.

This Sims 4 cheats guide has codes for each and every expansion and stuff packs released. Most of the expansions and packs for The Sims 4 each have unique groups of cheats for the jobs, deaths, and traits special in that expansion. And with the High School Years expansion pack being the latest, you can grab every cheat you’ll want below for making it through school or scoring promotions in the new side hustle careers.