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This is another cheeky tip that will enable you to get groceries for free. To perform it you must order groceries and wait for the man to deliver the goods. Do not greet him when he arrives, he will proceeed to ring the bell two or three times and wait for you. When you do not answer the door he will place the goods there on the floor and depart not taking your money.

One way in which you can get money quick is if you get a friendship with a rich Sim girl (also works with a boy) and ask her to move in. When she does she will bring at least 20,000 Simoleons which will be added to your bank account. Once the money has been deposited you can make her move out and still keep the money.

1. Hold down CTRL + SHIFT + C and type boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
2. Shift + Left Click on your glitched Sim
3. Select ‘FORCE ERROR’

This option may be under ‘More…’

4. When the box appears, click ‘Reset’
Enjoy your Sim!!

If you don’t feed your Sims, they will die of hunger. You can only starve Sims that are teens and over. If you attempt to starve babies, toddlers and/or children, they will be taken away by the social worker.

1. In neighbourhood view, hold down CTRL + SHIFT + C and type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true

1. Click on the plumbob to open the ‘Needs’ panel
2. Drag up or down the Hunger, Comfort, Bladder, Energy, Fun, Social, Hygiene or Environment bars

If you drag up or down the environment bar, it will change back to what it originally was

click to reveal

1. Click on the 2 people hol..

1. Press CTRL + SHIFT + C and type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true.
2. SHIFT + Click on your Sim and select ‘Spawn’ then ‘Tombstone of L and D’.
3. Click on ‘Make me Alien Pregnant’ and your Sim will become pregnant with an alien baby
4. To speed up pregnancy, click ‘Speed Pregnancy’ to have the baby in the next Sim Day
5. Sell the tombstone and enjoy your new baby!

1. Hold down CTRL + SHIFT + C and type in boolprop controlpets on
2. Hold down CTRL + SHIFT + C and type in boolprop petactioncancel true
It’s that easy
To have no control over your pet, obviously change boolprop controlpets on to boolprop controlpets off

1. Get the robot making station located in Electronics > Miscellaneous.
2. Have the Gold Robotics Talent Badge
3. Make sure you have $3000
4. Have your Sims create Servo

If you are a canine lover (like me), you’ll want to make werewolf Sims. This is how to do it.
1. Attract the wolf with glowing eyes. Add lots of trees and have lots of babies/toddlers.
2. Become friends with the wolf
3. When your Sim and the wolf become good enough friends, the wolf will nibble your Sim and he/she will be infected with lycanthropy.
4. Every night, your Sim turns into a werewolf!

You want to take your game to a whole new level, playing with an Alien! Nice one, this is how you do it Smile
1. Go into neighbourhood view and type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
2. Go into CAS
3. Press SHIFT + N so you can turn debugging mode on.
4. Go into ‘Custom Skins’


There will also be other skins

click to reveal

5. The alien skin is a green square.

So you’ve made your Sim a vampire, but you’re sick of them covering their mouths and doing stuff like that, or you accidentally got bitten. Either way, this is how to change back to a Sim.
1. Call the Matchmaker
2. Buy a Vamprocillin-D potion from her
3. Click on your Sim and select ‘Drink Vamprocillin-D’ to revert to a human.

I see people asking how to make their Sims a vampire loads and loads of times. Instead of typing up how to do it, just take a look!
1. In Neighbourhood view, hit CTRL + SHIFT + C and type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
2. Enter the household of the Sim(s) you want to become a vampire.
3. SHIFT + CLICK on the Sim you want to become a vampire and go ‘More…’ and then ‘Make Vampire’.
Enjoy your new vampires.
To make a vampire baby
– Just have the Sims try for a baby.
You really want to have your Sims experience the electrical shock of being electrocuted, or you just want to fulfil that wish/fear. Either way, it’s possible Smile.
1. Build a pool or buy a hot tub
2. If you see lightning or a storm, have your Sim go outside
3. Enter your pool or hot tub
4. Relax or swim for a while and you will get struck by lightning.
Enjoy watching the electricity of the sky zap them!

There are 2 ways to get abducted in The Sims 2. You can stand outside at night, staring through a telescope for hours, but that is obviously not what you want to do.
This is how to get abducted instantly, day or night.
1. Hold down CTRL + SHIFT + c and type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
2. SHIFT + Click on your Sim and select ‘FORCE ABDUCTION’
3. If nothing happens, click on your telescope and select ‘Get Abducted’ or if that option is not there just click stargaze.
Enjoy getting your Sims abducted!

1. Have 2 teen sims you want to get married
2. Press CTRL + SHIFT + C and type in agesimcheat on
3. Press CTRL + SHIFT + C and type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
4. (if invited sim over) right click on the sim and press *MAKE SELECTABLE
5. Click on both sims and select Select Age then Adult
6. Get them married
7. To make them teenagers, do step 5 but click Teenager.
Watch the video

Step1.Use cheat code boolProp testingcheatsenabled true.You can use this with or with out cheat. Step-2.Wait until 3p.Don’t go pass 3p Step.3.Wait until the first child half way off the bus Pause game then take the report card place on the ground then delete it.Thee you good grades the next day.

Go into the game and type in Shift + Ctrl + C and then type boolProp TestingCheatsEnabled true’ without the ‘ and then shift click on the player you want, then press more until you get to spawn… Then L and D Tombstone and click on the tombstone and press more until you get to make pregnant.

1- Hold Ctrl+Shift+C.
2- Type this in the box that appears at the top. Write exactly like this: boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
3- Repeat step 1
4- Type exactly like this in the box: maxMotives
5- Enjoy (if it does not work, check your computer!!)

Go to a neibourhood.
Then type: boolProp testingcheatsenabled true
Go in to create a sim.
Find the last name box.
In it do: shift+n.
Then a message will appear.
When the sim appears,there will be a panel where you put the name of the sim etc.
Click the star symbol.
Then pick the green square,when you have do that click the tick.
Click the number 3.
Then go on to eyes.
Then where you can change the colour of your sims eyes,there will be a slider so slide it to the end.
Then you should see a black box.
Click it.
Then your sim should have alien eyes!!!
WARNING!: It only works if you enter the cheat right and have the green skin!

Right click on the mail box or on your sim to turn yourself into a Vampire.

To become a werewolf you need the simspets expansion.
1: open the cheat box
2: type in
Boolprop testingCheatsEnabled
Exactly as I did.
3: shift click your mail box and click create npc.
4: choose leader of the pack or if you want another like vampire choose it.
5: a wolf will soon come along with glowing eyes.
6: play with the wolf until it bites you.
Tada you are now a werewolf!

When your in your Neighbourhood, open the cheat box,type in ‘boolprop testingcheatsenabled true’ then go into your family and then go into their needs and you will be able to pull them up all the way or as far down as they can go. But the needs don’t stay up so you’ll have to pull them up once and a while

To make sims happy-no matter what their status (other than dead)
Step 1: Push ctrl+shift+c and enter boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true
Step 2: Push ctrl+shift+c and enter moveObjects on
Step 3: Go to build/buy mode and click the sledgehammer tool
Step 4: Delete the sim you want to make happy again
Step 5: Save game and exit to neighbor hood mode
Step 6: Re enter the home of the sim(s) you deleted and you should see them standing outside the house. Check their status and it should be happy.
Step 7: Do what needs to be done in order to KEEP them happy Smile
Good luck! I’ve done it 3 times. The first time was an accident and the..

I’m not sure how many expansion packs this works for, but I have The Sims 2 Glamour Life Stuff and it works for there.
So what you’ll need to do is…
1. Click on any family you want. It doesn’t matter.
2. When you go to that household, press pause and hold ctrl and shift, and then press C. There should be a white box at the top of your screen.
3. Type in EXACTLY this: boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
(put the spaces exactly where I put mine and nowhere else!) Press enter.
4. Now, go back to the neighborhood and click on whichever family you want to adjust these things on. (if it’s the family you were already on, you still need to do this)
5. When you get to this family, you can adjust how much your sim likes another sim, what their needs are, their i..

Here’s how to have a baby using cheats:
1) Press Ctrl+Shift+C to bring up the cheats box and type in boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true
2) (After pressing enter) you can now unlock more options for a lot of objects including Sims. Hold shift and click on the object for these options.
3) Shift-click on a Sim and select “Spawn” and from that menu select “Tombstone of L and D”.
4)If you want your Sim pregnant to a certain someone and they don’t live with you invite them over first. Select your Sim and click on the Tombstone. Click “More” and select “Make Pregnant To…” and select the Sim you want.
HINT: The Tombstone can also speed up your pregnancy dramatically. Select the pregnant Sim and click on the Tombstone, then select “More” then “Speed up m..

First turn on cheats. Do this by pressing “shift+ ctrl+ c” at the same time don’t type in the the ” then type in BoolProp Testingcheatsenabled true. Once you have enabled cheats shift click on your sim’s mailbox then click I think “find NPC” then find Grand Vampire and he or she will soon come to your house. But be careful not to invite them during the day or else they don’t come. Well I hope this helped.

Happy Simmming ;D

1. Activate boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true.
2. Go inside a lot.
3. Choose your Sim you want to preserve.
4. Drag all his/her feelings to max (Do not worry about Enviroment feeling.)
5. Make your Sim meditate.
6. Put him/her in a room without doors so no one will distract your preserved Sim.
7. Enjoy your ever-lasting-until-death-by-old-age-Sim!
Warning: If your sim gets fired or someone dies, etc, it will stop meditating!

1) hit shift+ctrl+c
2) type in the box boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
3) hold shift and click on your baby
4) select make uncontrollable or unselctable or smething like that
5) then hold shift again and click on the baby and click make selectable
6) then click and you can see your baby’s needs

An easy way it get an alien baby
1. Bring up the cheat dox ( CTRL SHIFT. C )
2 type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
3. HOLD SHIFT and CLICK your ault
4. Click more then spawn and then click tombstone of L and D ( and small tombstone will apeer )
5. Click on it then click more and then click make me alien pregnant
6. Then click on the tomdstone again
7. Click more then click speed up pregnacy and in and few your alien is born.

First open the cheats box and enter move objects on then when the school bus arrives delete it

First open the cheat box and put on the move objects on and then invite the headmaster then when the headmaster arrives then delete the headmaster then invite the headmaster and you have a new headmaster

Put the cheat code ‘move_objects on’ on and make your sim swim in a pool. Go into buy or build mode and select your sim. Take them out of the pool and put them on the ground. Your sim will now swim everywhere!

Haunted House
First, create your family and add characters. Then every neighbor that visits into your house press Ctrl + Shift + C then type moveobjects on. Put your neighbors into a small room delete all windows and doors DO NOT!put food inside. Let them die. Don’t delete their thombstones and then THADAAAA! Instand Haunted House.
Saw Family

Create a family named Saw and name all the family saw too. Kill many people as many as you can.

Okay now here is something very creative. It lets you make an arch for your car driveway. You can design it the way you want. Just follow the steps.
Step1: Add a driveway.
Step2: Create a garage (it’s actually a room) for your car.
Step3: Now, choose the hand tool and delete the driveway.
Step4: Replace the driveway with tiles of your choice, whether it’s regular floor tile, stone, or brick.
Step5: Create a 5 x 7 rectangle of foundation in the middle of your driveway or whichever dimension is suitable to your driveway.
Step6: Use the wall room tool to create a “room” on top of the foundation. You can also use the regular wall tool and complete all four sides.
Step7: Place any of your favorite flooring on the top of this room.
Step8: Insert ..

It’s very easy to have your alien family. You first need to start up with a new family. You can use an existing on but then if they already have kids, it’s going to take you time to kill them or something because you don’t want human sims of course.
Step1: Click on the create a new family button and make a new family that includes only two people, a man and a woman.
Step2: Move them into a house or create anew house if you wish.
Step3: Now you need to type this cheat as it’s written:
First open the cheat box by pressing Ctrl+Shift+C together and type in ‘boolprop testingcheatsenabled true’ exactly as it is but without the quotations.
Step4: After you have typed in the cheat, it turns on. Now while you..

First you do Ctrl,shift and C
Then type in the cheat box ‘boolprop testingcheatsenabled true’
Then shift click an adult sim and go into spawn click on more… Sim modder
The click on the sim modder and click on teen
After that do ctrl,shift and c and type in ‘moveobjects on’ and go on to buy mode and delete that sim then go to the bin outside, shift click it then click reset age duration and the do the same to the boy then get into bed and try for a baby!!!! Thnx and bye

If you order a pizza by phone don’t answer the door. The man or lady will leave the pizza by your door and it will never get rotten.However you still need to pay for it.

Sooo…. Your family is super poor and you need money…? Try this out! So first of all open up the cheatbox ( shift+ctrl+c all at the same time!) then write ”Motehlode” in the little bow that will apear on the top of your screen. This will give you 50.000 simlins or whatever they are called 😛 😉 soo I hope this helped! Byee


First, before entering the lot (meaning, you are in the neighbourhood), type

boolprop testingcheatsEnabled true

. This is necessary, and you won’t be able to do the cheat without doing this first.
Then, when you enter the lot, press shift plus another Sim. It doesn’t matter which Sim. Look for

Tombstone of L and D

and click it. It will appear near the Sim you clicked on, so make sure the Sim should be in a desirable place.
Click the tombstone and enable the set age cheat. Now, when you click a Sim (DON’T use shift this time), there will be a choice called ‘Set Age’. From there, you can change the age to anything, an elder, baby, kid, even death!


Press cnrl, shift, and c at the same time. It will bring the cheat bar up on screen. Type in… Motherlode … Just like that. No spaces, or periods. AND!!! BOOM!!! 50,000 SIMOLEONS!!!


Once your on the sims, press
Then a little whote box will appear at the top, type
Boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
Then type in it: exit
Then when making a sim, if you press: Shift+n
You will debug the sims!!! You can have any skin colour, from white to green, dress in the grim reapers outfit, and many more!!!
When you are at your sims house, press Shift+n on them, and a whole list of things you can do will pop up!! Do the same on the letter box,(shift+n) and you can do even more stuff, like force a baby, seed up theyre life, kill them, by anyway you want! There are so many options. 😀
If you have any questions, feel free to ask Smile
Hope this ..


Ok firs your go into sims 2 and press control+shift+C and a whit bar will aper clik on it and type= Maxmotives = this will put al your sims bar to the max and thes cheat will lock them motivdecay off type that in and it will lock your sims motive


Okay, so to control pets you will need to get the expansion pack called sims 2 pets. Any way, when you install it and start playing. Type in
Boolprop controlpets on


What you need to do is to make your self like the Sim and make the Sim like you.
1.Greet the sim normally.
2.Open Relationship Tab. The Sim should be on it as you have greeted them.
3.Open cheat bar(Press Ctrl,Shft,C at the same time)
4.Type in the cheat bar ‘boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true'(with out quotation marks)
5.Click on and hold the thin green/yellow/orange/red bar under the sims name and drag across to 100 or -100 if you want an enermy.If the cheat was entered right, you should be able to move it left and right, if not you can’t. Try again.
6. Do the same for the thick bar.
7. Hold down shift and click on the sim you want to be friends/lovers/enermies with.
8.The menu should appear with tons of stuff on it, click on ‘MAKE SELECTABLE’.


After you move a family into a house, press (Ctrl + Shift + C) (without the +) and type expand. Then type in motherlode and press enter. Press the up arrow and motherlode should appear in the cheat box again, press enter. Repaet until you have as much money as you want. You can only have $999,999,999 at one time, you cannot get a billion….. Ever
Hope this helps! Xxx


Shift + ctrl + c
Then type in motherlode and hit enter
Keep doing this untill you get the amount of money you desire to close cheat hit : CTRL + Shift + C


Press the keys ctrl + shift + c together that accesses the cheat window. After you have done that, enter the following then press enter to do it.
Exit—- closes cheat window
Expand—- expands or contracts cheat window
Kaching—- get 1000 cash
Autopatch(on/off)—- lets you know if theres a patch
Moveobjects(on/off)—- moves objects and deletes you couldnt before
Vsync(on/off)—- increases game performance but lowers graphics
StretchSkeleton—- makes your sims larger or smaller
Aging off—- turn off aging
Aging on—- turn on aging
Motherlode—- 50,000 simoleans
FaceBlendLimits (on/off)—- turns off facial bounding limitations. It prevents the normal corrections the game will make for two parents with very different facial st..


Okay, so, buy a desk and a computer (or whatever) then go into live mode and put the desk into the inventory WITH THE ITEM ON IT. Go into buy mode, then go back into live mode. Take the desk and place it, then take the item WITHOUT the desk and place it into your inventory. Then, place the desk into your inventory. Go into buy mode, come back, take out the desk and look at it.


[size=12][size=12][size=12]This Cheat Is Really Easy To Do! All You Have To Do Is, Go To Your Neiborhood And Pull Up The Cheat Box – (Ctrl+Shift+C) Then Type In– boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true — In To The Box…Make Sure You Have Typed It Right… Then Go To Your Family And Try To Pull Up Their Needs(: You Can Also Pull Up, Relationship Bars, Skills, And Lots Of Other Things.. Here Is The List

Personality Traits
Yah And Happy Siming(:


Theres many ways of becoming a vampire but I am goin 2 tell you 1 of them which you might already know. Hold ctrl+shift+c together and type
“boolProp testingcheatsenabled true” press enter then then hold down sift and press a sim then press more and press make vampire and then you become a vampire also there is many more options to try aswel.
Hope This Helps. Smile[/size]


Type in exactly like this: boolprop allow45degreeangleofrotation true
To turn it off, just type in the same thing but put false instead of true.


Max skills : First, you’ll need the cheat bar (Ctrl,Shift,C) then type ‘boolprop testingcheatsenabled true’ (with out the dashes) then click and drag on the bar that you want. (This also works with enthusiasm points)
Getting custom skin and new hair/clothes : Go on create a family and click on the mirror, the get the cheat bar up and type in ‘boolprop testingcheatsenabled true’ (without dashes) then press ‘shift N’ but this will only work if your not in the middle of making your sim. (if you get what I mean)
Vampire sims : Make sure your a sim and also make sure it’s night or else your vampire sim might die. Get the cheat bar up (you should see it above) and type ‘boolprop testingcheatsenabled true’ (you know there isn’t any dashes) then shift-click on your sim and..


If on accident you delete your sim shift click the trash can and click on the thing that says reset age duration then you’ll have your sim back.


Their are two ways that I have learned.
1.use a adult and click on a newspaper or a computer
Then select “find own place” then select every sim that you want to move out except the teen you want to live alone.
2.(it sounds cruel but it a option)kill all adults.


Type in boolProp testing CheatsEnabled true in cheat window
Shift click on a sim and click Spawn and find senario check
Click on the bright yellow box that apears and chose add to private school
VOLIA no school. It might no work the first time so just switch panels then go back:-)


This is so funny! First you have to have a woman/man walking by with a newborn. Press Ctrl+Shift+C. Let go of the keys. Type in “moveobjects on”. (Don’t do the “s)Pick up the baby and put it on the ground. Pick up the woman or man in buy mode. Delete him or her like you would a regular object. Now you wait until the baby ages up to a teen or whatever you want it to be. Now, you will have a funny teen (or older) laying on the ground acting like a newborn. (The position is with it’s knees bent, it’s arms laying by it’s side like a half of a square, and staying still exept for occasionally moving it’s head and blinking.) It really works!


When you are on a family and they are in there home on your keybord hold control then shift then c but hold it all at the same time. At the top of your screen you should see a box type in ‘motherlode’ then you should have more money. If not try again.


You know when you have a baby and it dies and the social worker comes, well to save my baby I typed in the (boolprop testingcheatsenabled true) cheat without the () and shift+clicked on the social worker and chose (force error),(delete) BAD IDEA it wouldnt let me save!!!!! Then when I wanted to quit I lost my baby.


Hit Ctrl which is located down at lower left of the keyboard and then hit c, a what they call it ” cheat window box” will come up type in Motherlode then enter and it will give you 50,000 dollars Smile


First open the cheat box by pressing ctrl+shift+c all at the same time then type in “motivedecay off” without the marks your sims motives will never go down.


Do the following cheat if you want to fill your skills to the maximum level instantly. Enable the ‘boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true’ code and then pause gameplay without going into ‘Build’ or ‘Buy’. Select your ‘Skills’ icon and when you are in the tab with the skill meter click and drag the pointer over the desired skill bar to raise it.


To do this enable the ‘moveObjects on’ code and then press ‘Ctrl’ + ‘Alt’ + F or ‘Ctrl’ + ‘Alt’ + C. Any Sim can be cloned except the Repo Man, you will not be able to control any of the clones.


Here’s a way of getting groceries and not paying for them. This is done by ordering for groceries and when the man delivers the goods do not greet him. He will ring the bell two or three times and wait for you to open the door but when you do not answer he will leave the groceries at your door and not take your money.


Whenever you crete a family they will automatically get 20,000 Simoleans. To get more than that create a family making sure that the last name does not have any spaces and then at the ‘Neighborhood’ screen press ‘Ctrl’ + ‘Shift’ + C and enter familyFunds as a code (example ‘familyFunds Smith 100,000’). This cheat can also be used while in a lot providing you control that family.


Whatever you do, never delete your mailbox because if you do the Repo Man will appear after three days. Instead direct your Sim to get the mail and then cancel it as soon as they get it. Now make the Sim place the bill on the ground and then using the ‘boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true’ code delete it.


If you want to improve your chances of getting a baby have the couple try when they are in an excellent mood and listen for a noise afterwards (not the fireworks sound).


To do this first enable the ‘boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true’ code. Then shift-click a Sim and choose ‘Spawn’ to bring up some options. Click on the’Tombstone of L and D’. If your female Sim is single invite a male Sim over. When the guest arrives click on the ‘Tombstone of L and D’ and select ‘More’. Choose ‘Get pregnant with…’ and choose the name of the Sim who you want to be the father. When you hear a lullaby click on the ‘Tombstone of L and D’ again. Select ‘More’. Choose ‘Speed up my pregnancy’. After a short period of time you will see your Sim’s belly expanding until she gives birth.


To do this enable the ‘boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true code’ and get the desired Sim pregnant. Then hold the ‘Shift’ key and click on the pregnant Sim so that some options appear on screen. Click ‘More’ and then select the ‘Debug: Force Twins’ option and when your Sim gives birth you will be welcoming twins into your family.


eat spaghetti every night until shes pregnant


Press Ctrl + Shift + C. And Type A Letter, Like B And Press Enter And Type Motherlode, Then Press Enter. To Make More Money Just Press: Up Then Enter. To Quit:
Type Exit.


First get the cheat bar up and type: boolprop testingcheatsenabled true. (without the full stop). Then press shift and click on the newspaper, you can choose a job for your sim, career rewards and promote yourself. Easy!


try changing the compatibility visual theme, right clicking on the game short cut on your desk top you want to play and click properties. the click the compatibility tab then choose dis able visual themes and maybe dis able desk top compositions as well and u might want to change your account to make it that you are the computer administrator. hope that helps some one


Type Ctrl Alt C then, Type in motherlode=more money or maxmotives=full happiness


press ctrl shift and c at the same time the cheat box will show up type in motherlode and then you will get $50,000


Press Shift+Alt+Ctrl all2gether.A Blue box should apear (sims3) A white box Should Apear (Sims 2) Type in MOTHERLODE then enter. T a-da you hav got $50,000 😀


Buy the $3.500 telescope. Get a sim (example. John) to stargaze. Type the cheat: BoolProp testingcheatsenabled true (this is the proper way to spell coz it works for me) while John is stargazing, shift click the telescope. It should come up with: DEBUG-Get Abducted. DO NOT CLICK: Force Error. Cross off the stargaze thing at the top. It will come up in a black screen (like the first kiss or engagment) A few hours later, John will come back and it will play that tune so you know the female sim is pregnant. But men come back and they will have an alien baby. Females do not. NOTE: This can be done on any estates. like Pleasantveiw, Veronaville, Strangetown and any of your estates.


How to Get Free Pizza!!!in
1. Buy a pizza. Use the phone(It will say he will come there in 1 hour)
2. When his there.(The delivery man) enter ctrl+shift+c
3. Type moveobjects_on.(without the . )
4. Before he goes go to buy mode. Select the pizza and POOF! you got free pizza.
I always do this especially that my sim always over sleeps and is always so slow! and that means not going to work and that means losing the job and that means no money.
Hope you play all the sim game like me.(actually I’m just downloading sim’s 3, The rest are so easy)


Make a sim (Boy and Girl) (Teen)
Now, buy the best bed. Make there relations high with pressing
“ctrl,shift,c” and type “MaxAllMotives boolprop testingcheats enabled true relation (simname)(othersimname) on
Then goto “Sim Relations, enable them Boyfriend and Girlfriend (MAKER SURE THE SIMS YOU MAKE ARE NOT FAMILY) Then make them get funky in bed, pause the game…type “ctrl shift c” “boolprop sim nudepatch all off” and press enter. Then un-pause and there, there nudeness is showing


If you want $50,000 for your sims2 family .. go to your family and pause the game . Then , click ‘control shift c’ and there will be a box and the top of your screan . Enter in ‘motherlode’ and then click enter .xx


To fulfill your sims wants easily AND still get the asperation points for them just follow these steps:
1. press Ctrl Shift and the letter C all at the same time. once you’ve done that the cheat box will apear at the top of your screen.
2. type in the box ‘boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true’
(without the ‘ marks!)
3. hover over your sims want that you want to fulfill and press ctrl+Shift+c while left clicking on it, you should hear the ringing noise, the want should change and the asperation meter should go up!
I hope this cheat helped you x


If you want your sims to keep leftovers for later, you don’t have to have the Sims 3. It can be done on the Sims 2 if you have Nightlife! On this expansion pack, your sims have inventories. Just have a sim to serve food and then, go to the rewards menu of a certain sim and open up their inventory (the backpack). Place the large bowl/plate of food in your sim’s inventory and it will stay preserved until it’s taken out again!
Keeping food in your sims’s inventory preserves so you can take it out whenever your sims need to eat! If your sims have no cooking skill, they can order pizza via the phone. With pizza, you can put individual slices or even the whole pizza box in your sim’s inventory. I always do this with pizza!


forcetwins when the woman goes into labor


go into the neighborhood and make a family. You can either keep them in the family bin move them onto an empty lot. Go onto a residential lot and build a house as normal but make sure you include ‘Myne Doors’, and quite a few rooms. Type the cheat in ‘ changelotzoning community’ then exit to the neighborhood and go ino it again. Get the cooking thing for a cafe and a podium. the type in the cheat’changelotzoning dorm’ make sure you have put in all the furniture and decorated the walls and floors. Now you will have a running dorm and people will come into claim the doors but don’t worry if they leave because they will always come back.


well press shift crtl and c then type in family funds
_______ (Last name) ________ (amount of money you want)


In the neighborhood type in “boolprop testingcheatsenabled true” without the marks. Then go to create a family. When you get on the Sims press shift+n if that does not work try n+shift. VOILA! Now go back and fourth 3 times to numbers 1 and 2. Now press one. There should be new skin colors under the custom button. You can also have new hairstyles and clothes! (SUPER SECRET CHEAT ONLY A FEW PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT!!!)


motherlode- 50000 cash
boolprop testingcheatsenabled true- after entering press shift and click on items for cool choices. (AND NO THIS DOES NOT MESS UP THE GAME! IT DELETES ITSELF!)
maxmotives- Makes all sims that are on lot’s needs go up.
3 Popular cheats. Cheats give no harm to your game or your computer! (What a relief!) Happy simming!


To make or cure a vampire, go to the neighborhood screen and type in “boolprop TestingCheatsEnabled true”. Then go to your household and shift-click a sim and choose “Make Vampire”/”Cure Vampire”. I suggest using the “Raise/Lower Health and Skills” cheat for your vampire as they are hard to satisfy.


To raise and lower the bars on your health and skills, go to the neighborhood screen and type in “boolprop TestingCheatsEnabled true”. Then go to your household and hold shift and drag the bars up and down. Useful to keep toddlers ( not newborns ) asleep and keeps your sims awake for days.


When i was playing on sims 2 i always got annoyed if i did’nt have enough money to buy new stuff. I’d always have to get my sims to go to work and it was really annoying. But then i found a really good cheat to get $50,000 in one word. Just Get the cheat bar up (ctrl, alt, c) and type in motherlode. Another ay is just type in kaching but u get less money -1,000. Sorry for any mis-spellings i hope you find this information usefull!


Ok are you tiered of all sims complaning about how they are tiered or hungry or any of that, well its all stopping now!!! You push … ctrl shift c then a box comes up then type in max motives (no spaces) then push enter and there whole life goes up except for enviorment cause thats depends on how good you house looks.


1. (In create-a-sim) Boolprop TestingCheatsEnabled true then shift+N.
2. Boolprop testingcheatsenabled true, then get a job. Hold [Shift] while you click on the newspaper, then click “Career Rewards” to get whatever you want, or click on “Set job level to…” Note: “10” is the top job. TOP OF THEIR CAREER
3.StretchSkeleton (# 1.0 larger) MAKES SIMS BIGGER OR SMALLER
4.motherlode 50000 simoleons
5.Set to true to light up objects continuously instead of only when used:
Boolprop allObjectLightsOn [true or false]
Shift+Click on mailbox:
6. Make friends for me. HELPS SIMS MAKE FRIENDS
7. Trigger Birthday: AGE TRANSITION
8.Make me alien pregnant: self-exp..


Get your your Sim to become a scientist. Get them to make a potion, put their own DNA in it, some fish DNA, and drink it. Voila! You’ve got a mermaid!


Best cheat:
(type as seen)
Boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
Once you’ve done that, shift click on your sim and many things will pop up)
A few of the best ones are:
1) ‘spawn L and R tombstone’ (A life and death tombstoe will appear if you click on it and you can get pregnentwith a alien baby
2) shift click on the mailbox and you can spawn NPCs
3) When on create-a-sim mode type shift+n an a infomation box will appear on
The corner say you are able to create aliens and wear job outfits.
After use type
Boolprop testingcheatsenables false


I have seen it time and time again, people asking how to enable the special events camera in Sims 2, any expansion pack. Usually the problem is the option is greyed out and cannot be turned on. This does mean, most of the time that a person’s PC cannot handle the graphics of the game, but here is what you can do to override this fault:
–I found this override code while re-writing the GraphicsRules.sgr files so I could play at a higher resolution.–
1. Boot up the Sims 2 as normal.
2. Select your neighborhood.
3. While still on the neighborhood screen, bring up the cheat box with ctrl + shift + c.
4. Enter the following into the cheat window exactly as shown:
Boolprop chooseCameraSpecialEventEnabled true
5. Open your options through the “…..


Type in boolProp TestingcheatsEnabled true (not caps sensitive). Once you have typed that in the cheat box (crtl+shift+c) then hit enter. Shift+click on a male sim and Spawn….Tombstone Of L and D. Now click on the tombstone which appears (remember you have to be using a male sim for this cheat to work) and press more until you see “Get Pregant” or Set “Pregnancy Relations” when you press one of these…then click (your sim name). You will now here a chime or a sound. That means the sim is now pregnant. Now press on the tombstone again and press…..”Speed Up My Pregnancy”. It will now only take three HOURS not three DAYS to have the baby. VIOLA! Your male sim will now have a baby! Congratulations! And happy cheating!
~Sims~Queen 😀


Hit ctrl+shift+c to open the cheat box. Now type in FamilyFunds (Family Name) (amount) and then hit enter. The highest money amount is 999,999 (I think). Happy cheating! NOTE: The (family name) is where you actually have to type in the family name…same with the amount of money. 😀 Enjoy!


To open the cheat menu hit shift, tab and c. When it is open type in the word motherlode or kerching.
Motherlode will give 50,000 simolions
Kerching will only give you 1000 simolieons


to have your sim have an affair with someone in there house all you have to do is tupe in the chet Move_objects on and then go into buy mode and delete the sim you don’t want to be there. Then you can have an affair. To get the sim back all you have to do is exit the lot and enter it again and they will be there.


To give your sims full health you have to enter the cheat Move_objects on. Then you go into bye mode and click on the sim you want to give full health. You then delete your sim and exit the lot when you go back in to the lot your sim will be there with full heath. If you want to play the game without that sim for a while cos yoyu want a partener to have an affair with someone from the house and don’t want to wait for the other sim to go to work then you jut don’t leave the lot and that sim wont be there untill you leave and come in again. You can leave the game alltogether and come back and the sim will be there.
Save the game before you delete them or you will lose all pionts they get between then and the last time you save.
Have fun and I hope this cheat helps