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Wondering how to improve your team’s economy in FM 2022 (Football Manager 2022), the football manager game developed by Sports Interactive and distributed by SEGA? Looking to learn about achievements and how to get them in FM 2022? Are you asking “How to fix team economy in FM 2022”, “How to get Football Manager 2022 achievements”? Then you are in the right place.

“How to fix the team’s economy in Football Manager?”
There really isn’t a single answer to this question. In FM 2022, many teams are in trouble financially. This is a reflection of the distress caused by the pandemic process in the real world in the football industry. So, what should be done to create a budget in your team for the transfer, to pay the salaries of the players and staff regularly, and to make the team “rich”?

Part your way with costly players.
First of all, identify the players in your team who are paid a lot more than other players. If they do not have a key role in your team and will contribute to the team as a testimonial, remove these players from your hands. It will both give your team a testimonial and create relief in the salary budget. In this way, you can increase your transfer budget or make your hand more comfortable in the salary budget.

Send your young players to other teams on loan.
If you hire young people who have been trained in your youth and you plan to use in the team in the future, there is a high probability that they will make a positive contribution to their development. Arrange for the rental team to pay the player’s salary when sending a loan. If the club that hires 100% of the player’s salary pays, this can put your hand at ease. You can also get the guarantee of playing the player from the club that hired, by specifying the time the player will take in the team he is hired for. In this way, you will ensure that your young player has the opportunity to gain experience and improve himself during that season. Either way, it would be in the best interest of the club.

Find young, talented and low cost players.
This is perhaps the best way to improve your team’s financial situation in the game. When you search for players who can make a name for themselves in the future and add them to your team with reasonable transfer fees, it will both carry your team higher with the performance it will show, and contribute to the economic strengthening of your team by attracting the attention of other clubs in the future. You can transfer players who are suitable for your club by reading our Football Manager 2022 talented young footballers article.

While “FM 2022 Achievements” progress in the game, each successful action result is unlocked by the specified achievement. For example, if your team wins, your player or you receive an award, your different wins, transfer activity or streak may correspond to an achievement. In order to observe this better, we list for you which achievement will be unlocked and how.


First Victory
It will be unlocked if your team wins in an official match.

He’s Sold!
When you sell a player on your team to another club, the achievement will unlock.

Top Of The Class
This achievement unlocks if you receive the coach of the month award.

Cup Glory!
It is opened if you win the cup organization held in the country where your team is located (For example: Turkish Cup, FA Cup, King’s Cup, etc.).

You’re Up!
It is the achievement that opens if you promote the team you manage to the higher league.

You can get this achievement when your player scores a hat-trick in a competitive match.

Unstoppable Force
You’ll get this achievement if your team finishes the season as the top scorer in the league.

Team Performance
This achievement will be unlocked if 5 players from your team are selected for the 11th of the week.

Parked The Bus
This achievement unlocks when you don’t concede a goal in 5 consecutive matches.

Comeback King!
You will get this achievement if you are 2 or more goals behind in a match and then come back and win at the end of the match.

International Superstar
You get this achievement if one of your players is selected for the best 11 of the World Cup.

Star Man
This achievement unlocks if one of the players on your team is selected for the team of the year.

Goal Machine
It is the achievement that is unlocked when one of the players on your team finishes the season as the top scorer in the league.

Iron Curtain
This achievement unlocks if your team finishes the season as the team with the fewest goals conceded in the league.

Scoring Streak
This achievement will be unlocked if your team scores 10 goals in a row.

You will get this achievement if your team is not defeated 10 games in a row.

National Service
You get this achievement when you get a job offer from the national team.

The Boss
You get this achievement if you win the coach of the year award.

Parked The Tank
Your team not conceding a goal in 10 consecutive matches This achievement will be unlocked.

Best in Europe
This achievement will unlock if one of the players on your team wins an award in Europe.

Golden Boot
You get this achievement if one of your players wins the golden shoe award in the world cup.

Best In The World
If your player is selected as the player of the year in the world, you will get this achievement.

You’re On Fire
This achievement will unlock if your team wins 10 matches in a row.

This achievement will be unlocked if you get the Coach of the Year award 5 times in total.

This achievement will unlock when you receive a job offer from a larger club than the team you are currently managing.

This achievement will be unlocked if your team wins by 5 or more goals in an official match.

Going Places
You get this achievement if the administration decides to start construction of a new stadium.